Trump, kings, and the rule of law

I posted this in the comments at NRO and decided to put it up somewhere else also.
I have been warning of exactly this for at least the last five years or so. I’ve suggested the three courses our nation could follow are:
1. an accelerating slide into decades of gray bureaucratic tyranny (likely)
2. election of a reform government to restrain the metastasis of the state (unlikely)
3. backlash election of a right wing populist demagogue (in between)

Obviously the Dems are option number one, someone like Cruz is number two and Trump is the surprise pick for number three.

The rule of law is necessary to a free society. I see this election as the defining moment in that decision. If the general election gives me Sanders vs. Cruz, I’ll vote for option two above. ┬áIf we get Trump vs. Clinton, the rule of law is indeed history, and I’m voting for King Donald the first. In the post-Constitutional America of resurgent tribalism, I have to vote for the guy from a more closely allied tribe to protect me from the depredations of the other tribes were they to obtain power.

Trump, kings, and the rule of law